I’ve seen a lot of modders that use retro games for their projects. Some even sell HDDs encased in old cartridges. However, in every project I’ve seen the game was destroyed in the process.

This made me think about a HDD mod that keeps the game working. Put the game into your NES and it’ll work. Plug it into your PC, and surprise! 500GB of storage are hidden inside.After some planning, I managed to create the mod.


The main challenge was finding the right game and hard drive that could possibly fit together in a cartridge. After some online research and opening up some games, I found I could almost fit a certain WD disk into my Duck Hunt cartridge.

If I could remove the disk’s shock absorbers from its sides, it would only take slight planing to the game board for everything to fit. I would then plug the shock absorbers back in, but this time from the bottom – so the HDD would sit perfectly still and secure inside the cartridge.


At this point I turned to my cousin, who runs a workshop in the Technion – Israel’s Institution of Technology, for help working the plastic and the board. We removed some plastic pieces from the cartridge case, gave the game board a very slight trim, and managed to squeeze everything back into the shell.

It all sits fast and secure with no need for glue. The HDD can be easily accessed and replaced, and we drilled a little slit to allow connecting to the HDD with USB. And most important – the original game logic was unharmed.

Success! The game still works!


My working, original copy of DUCK HUNT is now an undercover HDD! As far as I know, this is the only working NES game with 500GB storage space.

The student magazine of the Technion took notice of this little project and featured it on one of the issues. Click on the picture below for the full story [HEBREW].

Duck Hunt Mod Article (Hebrew)