The 3D Skyrim Project

When I’m not fighting dragons in Skyrim, I’m taking 3D Pictures of my travels. Here are some of my favorites from the last 3 years.



Q: How do you shoot 3D pictures?
A: There are many ways to approach this. I just shoot a frame for every eye and then decide on the viewing method (Anaglyph, Cross-View, Alternate Frame Sequencing). This is also what I do when I take 3D pictures in real life, out of computer games.

Q: So you shoot 3D pics in real life too?
A: Sometimes, mostly as a hobby. I shot a cool series of long-exposure 3D pictures in Old Jaffa which I really like. And other places too.

Q: Why Skyrim?
A: Skyrim is a visual masterpiece and an explorer’s ultimate playground. When I first started playing Skyrim I fell in love, and I still get super excited playing the game today. There are many great games out there, but this was the only one that made me feel I had to document my experiences.

Q: Did you finish the game?
A: I finished the main story, if that’s what you’re talking about. There’s still a TON of things I haven’t seen and I didn’t even touch the DLC. I don’t feel I can really finish the game. There will always be something new to discover in Skyrim.

Q: Will you do other games?
A: Sure. No news as of yet.

Q: What mods are you using?
A: I use the official high resolution textures, maybe a mod to add more birds to the sky, and enhanced water. No ENB’s or anything fancy.

Q: What programs are you using?
A: StereoPhoto Maker, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Skyrim & Steam. Does WordPress count? Throw it in there too.

Q: How do you decide if a picture should be Anaglyph or Side-By-Side? Or other viewing methods?
A: My aim is to make this gallery accessible to as many people as I can. If everyone had an Oculus Rift at home, I’d go with the appropriate format. But most people either have some old RED/CYAN glasses laying around or nothing at all. So I knew I wanted to have these options in the gallery. For every picture I chose one over the other based on color, framing and personal preferences.

Q: Did this really take you three years?
A: I took more pictures in 2014 than I did in 2012-13, and I had some long breaks from playing at times. But I’ve been playing Skyrim since it was released and started taking pictures almost immediately. I didn’t work towards a certain goal at first. After a while I realized these are some cool pictures that others might like, and I started thinking about creating a gallery. I have hundreds of pictures, both 2D and 3D.

Q: Can I use these pictures for ____ ?
A: Make sure the credit line at the top of the images is visible, and link back to this page and/or the imgur album. YouTube is welcome, I’m a YouTuber myself. No selling these pictures or using them commercially please.